Resume Writing Tips

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We strongly encourage you to use the online Resume Builder to create and submit your resume and application. However, if you prefer you may submit a paper copy resume and application by mail.
  • Do NOT list information regarding your marital or family status, personal health condition, ethnic origin, gender, date of birth, Social Security Number, or business or personal references.
  • Create and/or paste a plain text version of your resume. Remove all formatting such as boldface, italics and different size fonts.
  • Replace all bullets with either a dash (-) or an asterisk (*). Only use characters found on your keyboard.
  • Use proper punctuation between separate tasks; avoid using all capital letters.
  • Always proofread your resume for visual quality, content, grammar and typographical errors.

  • Put your name, complete address, and phone numbers with area codes.
  • Do NOT include or attach any private data on your resume. Private data may be submitted on the State of Minnesota Employment Application however, you are not legally required to provide any private data. Private data includes information pertaining to SSN, Date of Birth, Marital Status, Race or Ethnicity, Gender, Sexual Orientation, Disability Status, Religion, Age, National Origin, Public Assistance Status.

  • List the months and years of your employment for each employer.
  • Describe your work responsibilities in detail, using explicit nouns and verbs, rather than vague terms. For example: Managed over 1,000 accounts receivable and payable while working directly with the Chief Information Officer. Rather than: maintained records for accounts receivable and payable.
  • Use measurable outcomes, values and percentages when possible. For example: Implemented an employee satisfaction program which resulted in a 30% reduction in turnover. Rather than: involved in an employee satisfaction program.
  • List any systems, software programs, tools, equipment you used as part of your job.

  • List type of degree or certificate you earned, the year it was awarded (or expect to be awarded), major or course of study, and name, city and state of post-secondary college, technical, business, trade, or other school. Optionally, you may list your GPA, minor, and other majors you studied.

  • List training courses that you have completed, including the title of the course, length of training, and year of training.

  • List current professional licenses, registrations, or certificates required for the jobs in which you are interested.

  • List any publications which you have authored. Be sure to include the date of the publication.

  • List any awards which you have received. Be sure to include the date of the award.

  • You may want to include blocks of information highlighting additional skills you can bring to a job. Please refer to the resume examples for ideas.
  • List any languages--including sign language--other than English in which you are fluent.
  • List any memberships you have in professional/honor societies and any public speaking events in which you presented information.
  • If you include volunteer work or organization memberships on your resume, please list generic descriptions of these. Remove any references to race, religious affiliation, creed or national origins for these activities which may reveal or suggest personal information.

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